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An average head size is 55cm, Probably the largest head you will ever find will be 64cm and the smallest will be 51cm.

Head sizes can differ from country to country with the smallest heads being in the Far Eastern countries and the largest heads in Germany. Head Shapes can either be round or oval with the far eastren countries having a rounder head and the western countries having a more oval shape.



Take a measuring tape and place it around your head, slightly above the ears, with the tape held fairly closely to the head. Try not to measure too tightly otherwise your hat will be too tight on your head.

Head size in Inches Head size in Cms Hat Size
20 7/8" 53 6 1/2
21 1/4" 54 6 5/8
21 5/8" 55 6 3/4
22" 56 6 7/8
22 3/8" 57 7
22 7/8" 58 7 1/8
23 1/4" 59 7 1/4
23 5/8" 60 7 3/8
24" 61 7 1/2
24 3/8" 62 7 5/8
24 7/8" 63 7 3/4
25 1/4" 64 7 7/8
25 5/8" 65 8



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Our Head Designer is Nena Kalu Ogba.

She was born in Enugu, Nigeria, to a lawyer father- Barrister Kalu K Ogba and a musician mother – Mrs Chinwe Kalu Ogba.
She attended nursery school at Aunty Linda’s Nursery school, Enugu and primary at Alvan Ikoku College of Education primary school in Owerri.
She also attend secondary at St Mary Magdalene’s Anglican Girls Seminary in Umuahia.

Nena always knew she wanted to become a fashion designer of some sort at a very young age. Her father encouraged her. He invested loads in subscriptions of fashion and interior design magazines and filled up the home library with up to date issues.
Nena had been sketching clothes since the age of three and had also been sewing clothes by hand, cutting up all of her mother’s fabrics in a bid to create gorgeous clothes.
Out of frustration on her mother’s part, her mother decided to teach Nena how to cut and sew clothes the proper way, and actually bought her first sewing machine when they went on holiday to England.
Nena then made her first proper dress at age nine with her toy sewing machine which could only sew straight stitches.
This dress was made of cotton fabric with polka dots and striped patterns which she later sold to a junior lawyer who worked in her father’s law chambers.

At school, Nena would draw clothes , flowers and landscape while Math or Biology classes were going on and ofcourse she received regular spanks from her tutors because of this.
She hated school but only loved three subjects – English, Fine Arts and Home Economics which entailed sewing and cookery classes and those were her favourites. She also loved singing and was a soprano singer in the school choir.

Nena went on to study Theatre Arts at the University of Calabar because that was the closest course to what she wanted to study.
At the time, there were no universities in Nigeria offering Fashion Courses at Degree level and there still isn’t any up till date.
At University, she made shoes, bags, girls’ tops, bermuda shorts for men and jersey fashion headbands which she sold to fellow students.

But luckily for Nena, the Nigerian government were not paying tutors well enough which resulted to the many regular strikes at Nigerian Universities.
Nena’s mum, worrying endlessly about what the future would hold for her dear talented daughter, decided to apply to UCAS – an organization that helped overseas students apply for places at British Universities.
Nena did so well and got admissions to three UK Universities of which she chose to study footwear design at De Montfort University in Leicester.
The next challenge was university fees as the UK Tuition fees were more than fifty times the cost of fees at Nigerian Universities.
This time, Nena’s dad had no choice but to deep into his life savings to make sure his daughter had quality university education in a course that she loved.

Nena studied footwear design for just one semester at De Montfort University but changed her course because she felt her tutor – Steve was racist and wouldn’t pay her any attention.
She later changed to train as a Contour fashion designer in the same university which incorporates (lingerie, corsetry, evening and bridal wear, sportswear, childrens  wear, swimwear, club wear etc) between 1996 and 1999.
Nena graduated with a second class upper degree, a 2:1 which she obviously was never happy about because she was working hard for a first class degree, but this, she had to accept with time.

At University, Nena was an outstanding student. She was highly commended by top people in the industry and received several standing ovations during course presentations especially bridal wear design and bra construction for larger breasted women with smaller backs.
She was always over the top according to tutor – Janice Mee who was head of Contour Fashion at the time.

In her second year, Nena designed a bra and knicker set for top TV Presenter – Julia Carling which was worn to run the London Marathon Race.
The bra was made out of two small rugby balls signed by the England Rugby team and was embellished with pearls.
Nena’s bra and knicker set design were later auctioned at Selfridges to raise money for the breakthrough breast cancer appeal and raised approximately twenty-eight thousand pounds. She got a lot of press publicity in return both television and print.

Also in her second year at university, her Swimwear and Club wear design were also featured on television – the BBC Clothes show.
The presenter found her designs different and exciting as Nena had made a swimsuit that had propellas shaped like sunflowers and a sportsbra with tassels.

After graduation, she took short courses at the Central Saint Martins College in London, learning how to make handbags, and also at Kensington and Chelsea College London on Introduction to Millinery.
Millinery she said, was a total mystery to her. “You look at a hat and you just can’t seem to find where there’s a join unlike other pieces of clothing and accessories”.
This was where she met teacher – Carolyn Morris who later introduced her to Rose CoryThe Official Royal Milliner to the Late Queen Mother of England. Rose Cory personally trained Nena to make Hats for a short period.
Unfortunately, Nena had already made up her mind to return to Nigeria – her home country and her visa was running out so she was unable to complete the hat making course with Mrs Cory.

Nena learnt the basics and finishing, but because of lack of time, she could not learn how to decorate or trim hats.
She then returned to Nigeria in early 2002 still deciding next steps she would take to enable her set up her clothing line/factory which was what she originally wanted to do.
Nigerian banks were asking for 35% interest on loans which she thought was outrageous and caused her to design and produce gorgeous night dresses for ladies. These she made from the comfort of her bedroom at her father’s home in Owerri with her computerized sewing machine.

It wasn’t until April the same year that Nena was invited to an old friend’s wedding at Enugu. Her father asked her to wear a hat that she would make herself.
Not knowing how to decorate hats, Nena decided she would just keep the trim simple and classy and added two long ostrich spines with a sinamay knot as decoration on her hat.
To her shock, numerous people walked up to her, complimenting her total outfit. Most of her admirers were more interested in her hat, asking where she had bought it from. She happily told everyone who asked that she made it herself and gave out her telephone number. She got over thirty hat orders from that outing.
Ever since then, Nena has been stuck in the business of making hats. She has also been blessed by God with a high level of creativity, experimenting endlessly with new techniques and materials which have set her creations apart and totally unique.
According to her, “almost half of my designs are mistakes and it’s funny that people find my mistakes quite delightful”.
Her designs are a reflection of her personality and her customers just can’t seem to have enough of her simple, yet sophisticated pieces.

Nena has since made hats for top fashionable society ladies around the globe creating Show Stopper Hats and Fascinators which she is well known for.
Even though She has never been to the Royal Ascot Race, her hats have walked from Lagos to Ascot and many other parts of the world. Her fabulous hats have been numerously featured in the glossy pages of VOGUE magazine, Brides magazine, The Royal Ascot Magazine and many other high fashion magazines around the globe.

Having built a great reputation in the competitive fashion industry, Nena now intends to start a proper clothing line which was her original plan, and hopes to incorporate every type of art and craft that she knows including T-shirts, seperates, handbags, belts, footwear, bridalwear, nightwear, lingerie and of course hats and fascinators.
She has also started her interior decor line launching her unique range of throw pillows for Home Decor.